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Tactics for Home Buyers Grappling With High Mortgage Rates

Feeling stressed about the rates? Read my newest blog article, where I offer 9 creative solutions to solving this issue and making your purchase more affordable.


Rates have continued to climb and Buyer activity has been stagnant. Looking at the market from a Buyer's perspective, I totally get it. 8% interest rates at our price points is a sticker shock when you run the numbers for your monthly payments. What if I told you there were creative options that could land you a 3.7% interest rate? Well.... I have an off market opportunity in Tumalo right now @600k. An assumable VA loan allows you to step into another persons loan and take over. Another way I am winning in this market is helping clients structure and understand seller financing. We haven't seen this type of real estate since the 80's, but it is making a come back quick. With win-win terms, sellers make more from their sale overtime by being the bank and Buyers enter into more favorable loan options for rates and payments. I'll continue to talk on this as time unfolds, but do know that this will become much more prevelant over the next year or so as rates stay high! - Greg


Pickleball at night? Funds being raised for lights at Pine Nursery Park

A group of local players is trying to raise between $60,000-75,000 to put up lights at the Pine Nursery Park courts


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