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It's the most wonderful time of the year... To find a good deal!

Check out the filtered search below to browse listings that have been on the market over 120 days! These sellers have been trying to sell for over 4 months now, with no luck.. What's their story and most importantly, what's their motivation? Could there be deals out there?

(Single family homes, 120+ DOM, under $1.3 mill, in Bend, Redmond, Sisters)


The holiday week between Christmas and New Year is typically the slowest time of the year, while home searches are put on hold and quality time is spent with family. That being said, the truly motivated buyers and sellers are still out shopping. Now is a good time to explore opportunities or start getting your plans in order for the coming year. Let me know if I can help and enjoy your quality time as well! -Greg


The Perfect Home Could Be the One You Perfect After Buying

There are ways to overcome hurdles in today's market and still make your dream of homeownership a reality.


What's new with Mortgage Rates?

This is a scenerio for top tier borrowers with 20% down and great credit. These rates and better can also be seen for other borrowers by using seller credits!


Market Snapshot


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