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It's already mid July and like most Spring/Summer seasons in the high desert, the weather has been full of mood swings. One thing that has stayed very consistent is the lack of housing inventory... Buyer demand is still very strong and Bend has also been experiencing a severe lack of rentals for new residents. I have started to sense that our upward trajectory is begining to curve just a little bit, but this could be from more seasonal inventory filling in or possibly from hitting a natural ceiling. Price drops are a bit more frequent and time on market has ticked up a few days in certain neighborhoods. Either way prices are predicted to continue rising over this next year along with interest rates. Don't sit on the sidelines waiting for a dip unless you are in a position to do so - it could cost you money and headache over the long run. Give me a ring if you'd like to discuss your options.

- Greg


17720 Edmundson Road - 10 Acres in Sisters - For Sale


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