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LC - Buyer / Bend

We presented Greg with a difficult task -- Help us find a property that checks the usual boxes as to location, size, price and condition. We added a just right yard, neither too big nor too small, a garage, workable floor plan, AC ready, etc. In short, we were pretty picky and demanding, particularly as we were out-of-town buyers. We consulted with Greg ahead of a 2-day trip to Bend. He was ready with a blitz tour of properties and very responsive to our many questions and concerns. As we narrowed our search, we got stuck on a floor plan flaw in the property we otherwise liked. Greg showed resourcefulness in arranging for us to see a similar but remodeled home that allowed us to understand that the flaw in "our" house was not fatal and we were in contract by the time we left town. Moreover, Greg has kindly helped us arrange for repairs and improvements to our property, even after closing.

My original concern that Greg's youth and relative newness to real estate turned out to be completely unwarranted. As a buyer and seller of many homes over decades, we have come to have high expectations for the real estate professionals we work with and Greg did not disappoint.
I recommend Greg, without reservation, as a discerning, attentive, and skilled real estate agent.

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