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Central Oregon Market Report - November 16, 2022

This Winter, Keller Williams Central Oregon has decided to support Central Oregon Veteran's Outreach (COVO). This drive will help Central Oregon's homeless veterans survive the cold winter. All supplies and donations are appreciated, but a preferred list is attached. There is a donation bin/box in both Bend AND Redmond offices. Feel free to drop off in either location. We will continue to collect donations until December 15th! Call me for more information. 541.525.9955


Home prices in Bend dropped 45k last month and properties that are not properly positioned and advertised are sitting on the market. It is very important for Sellers to be aggressive, act fast and lean on their Realtor for advice in this volatile market. Last week, interest rates took a dip and provided a window for better purchasing power. The Buyers that are winning out in today's market know what to look for (trends, add value potential, seller motivation ect..) and also work with professionals that can refer them to useful tools like seller credits and 2-1 buy downs on interest rates to make their payments more affordable. If you have questions on any of these items, give me a call! - Greg


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